Monday, January 21, 2013



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On this MLK Day, I am extremely grateful for my accomplishments that I have made. I began this day looking back on my journey on how I got to this a point and I am just thankful. I realize that my journey did not begin with me, but it began before I was even thought of. I am benefiting from people who saw a better future for me; who believed that I was the head and not the tail. People who knew that dreams where meant to be dreamt and then turned into reality. People who knew that I was able to become anything I wanted to be in life with hard work. People who knew that I was equal to every race, and knew that the only thing I needed was a even playing field to show my true talent. On this day, it is time to look back and remember the bridge that brought you and I  over and the people who died to build that bridge for you and I.

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