Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy Awards

2013 Grammy Best Dress Men 

Nas Grammys
  Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa Grammy Awards 2013 

2013 Grammy’s Award has its share of well dress gentlemen.  But in my opinion Wiz Khalifa and Nas did it the best. It is very easy to go to an award and blend with the rest of black tuxedo in or stand out is a bad way (The Dream) by being different.  But when you do it just right you will get all the attention.
Wiz Khalifa wore a simple ivory tuxedo jacket, slim fit black slacks, white spread collar  evening wear dress shirt with a black bowtie. But what set him apart was the black velvet slipper he wore. It very easy to put on some black dress shoes but he decided to take one step up and wear the slippers. And for that reason he was one of the best dress men at the award show.
Nas did it better than anyone else at the award show. Once again he was very simple: Black pants, white spread collar shirt, black bowtie, white pocket square. What set  Nas apart from the men is the Champagne Tuxedo blazer . The blazer was not overbearing but it stood out in the perfect way.  Then he finished it by wearing the black slippers. This was styled perfectly for his image. Nas was the best dress man at the 2013 Grammy Awards

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